How to Be an MVP in Life: Lessons in Living and Leading from Sports & Tech MVPs

How to Be an MVP in Life: Lessons in Living and Leading from Sports & Tech MVPs

How to Be an MVP in Life:

Lessons in Living and Leading from Sports & Tech MVPs

You don’t have to play pro sports, sing to sell-out crowds, or have the most followers to be a success. Anyone can become an MVP: succeed in life, help others and make the world a better place.

How to Be an MVP in Life will teach and inspire you to:

  • Harness your passion so that you can improve yourself while helping others

  • Persevere even when things are tough

  • Find and heed good advice and to ignore the bad

  • Raise up your team — Pass the ball & give sincere praise

  • Give back to your family, team, and community

From 12-time Microsoft MVP: David P Lundell

“How to Be an MVP in Life: Lessons in Living and Leadership from Sports & Tech MVPs” features interviews with 18 Microsoft MVPs, as well as the 2016 World Series MVP, Ben Zobrist, and stories from 2 time Pro-Sports MVPs: Steve Nash, Dale Murphy, Steve Young and Sid the Kid Crosby.

  • Part 1: Introduction

    • Chapter 1: The MVP

  • Part 2: How do they perform so well?

    • Chapter 2: Practice Constantly

    • Chapter 3: Listen to the Coach

    • Chapter 4: Work Through Injuries and Challenges

  • Part 3: How do MVPs help everyone else around them be better?

    • Chapter 5: Passing the Ball

    • Chapter 6: Praise Your Teammates

    • Chapter 7: Care About the Game and Others

  • Part 4: How can I be an MVP in Life?

    • Chapter 8: Be the MVP

“When it comes to characteristics of an MVP, the two groups (geek and jock) are no longer at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Rather, they are very similar in nature which makes this such a great tool to help relate to many teams of different types. Business leaders, youth leaders, coaches, and the it crowd can all benefit from reading this book. The book is just under 200 pages and is available in e-book format on Amazon right now!”

Jason Brimhall

FIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1

FIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1

FIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1:

Introduction, Architecture and installation of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2

Updated for R2! Get real-world best practices, clear explanations, and expert guidance to understanding, planning and installing Microsoft's Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. This book will aid you in understanding Identity Management, FIM, its architecture, guide you through planning and installing the product.

Inside you will find an invaluable sizing guide, as well as flow charts and screenshots to guide you through the pre-requisites, product installation, and key post-install tasks.

“This first volume is really one for the bookshelf, close at hand. Really looking forward for more of this!” - Peter Geelen, Microsoft MVP, Forefront Identity Manager

“I found this to be a valuable, clear and thorough guide to the FIM 2010 installation and setup process.” – Glenn Zuckerman, Microsoft Corporation

“The volume is well laid out and provides loads of detail.” – Craig Martin, Microsoft MVP, Forefront Identity Manager

Project Lab Manual Windows Server 2003

Project Lab Manual Windows Server 2003

Out of Print: MCSE/MCSA Exam 70-291 Project Lab Manual: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

This was the first book David wrote and is now out of print and was published by Prentice Hall. Kenneth C. Laudon got top billing as the series designer.

The Prentice Hall Certification Series Project Lab Manual is designed as an additional tool that allows you to implement the concepts and practice the skills learned in the textbook and its Interactive Solution CD. With additional hands-on projects and concepts review, the Project Lav Manual enables you to learn more about Windows Server 2003 in real-world settings, practice the skills needed to prepare for the MCSE/MCSA exams, and prepare for a career as a network administrator.