David P Lundell

David P Lundell

David P Lundell

12-time Microsoft MVP

Striving to be an MVP in Life

David Lundell's love for technology and automating tasks has made him one of the world's top experts in Identity Management. As the founder of Identity Managed, David's small consulting firm delivers top notch IT Consulting to top enterprises around the globe, helping these business streamline operations and improve security and compliance in a more and more dangerous world.  

David's latest book is How to Be an MVP in Life: Lessons in Living and Leading from Sports & Tech MVP’s. David, himself is a twelve time Microsoft MVP. In his previous book FIM Best Practices he showed how to establish a solid foundation for Identity Management in the Microsoft world.

David has worked for over 20 years in Technology (mostly focused on Identity Management), consulted for many of the Fortune 500 , authored two technical books, including the first book on Microsoft Identity Management, FIM Best Practices Vol 1, spoken at various conferences, including the Cloud Identity Summit (now Identiverse), Kuppinger Cole’s European Identity Conference, Code Camps, SQL Saturday, HIP Conference and for 12 years Microsoft has honored him as one of a select few worldwide Most Valuable Professionals(MVP) in Identity Management.  

David attended the University of Arizona to earn a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering and then went on for a Master’s in Business Administration from Eller College (also at the University of Arizona). At 19 he lived in Venezuela for two years and became fluent in Spanish.

David has worked as a Sr. Manager at a Fortune 500 company, a Director for a mid-sized company, and a Vice President for small company, as well as part of the IT Staff for a Fortune 500 home builder, a start-up semi-conductor manufacturer, a start-up Software company and the world’s largest sprinkler manufacturer. Additionally, he have founded 2 successful businesses. Everywhere he goes he works on enabling and building teams to accomplish great tasks, coaching many people in their careers.

David lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area with his wife and children.

He has volunteered over ten thousand hours for the Boy Scouts of America, his church and other worthy causes. He also gives blood several times per year. In all he strives to be an “MVP in Life.” #MVPinLife